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Bodyflight Systems Inc. was approached by Sparks Marketing Inc. on behalf of their client T-Mobile USA Inc. to bring a portable skydive simulator into the heart of NYC with less than 2 weeks notice.

The Bodyflight team is always ready to spring to action for such clients and immediately went to work. Give the time restraints, all departments had to mobilize in order to be able to provide all aspects of this production in a timely manner. Team Bodyflight prepared a package for consideration including 3D cad renderings and secured commitments from its suppliers and vendors to be able to expedite not only equipment transport from California to NYC but to also to custom design and manufacture all new student and flight instructor suits and accessories. Sparks Marketing provided a deposit to initiate all of these works for a quick, by then, less than 10 day turnaround!

The Bodyflight machine was packaged and shipped via expedited 3rd party carriers and a team of people went to work on producing the flight suits and assembling additional gear. It took 5 days to transverse the equipment across the country due to difficult winter weather conditions and upon delivery to a staging location in NJ at “This Is It Stage Works Inc” where a team of detailers and graphics suppliers went to work to prepare the machine with branding for the activation date. Team Bodyflight could not have access to the operations site until 12:01AM on March 08, 2019, the event day, so a split team worked to set up the machine, fencing, sound barriers and branding overnight in freezing conditions in order to be ready to begin flying the media and VIP as early as 7AM in challenging minus temperatures.

It was a cold and crisp NYC day but the crowds quickly gathered for this surprise event. The event was aired live to 21 markets across the USA and the day was filled with EPIC excitement and happiness!

We flew many participants, from the morning until night, ranging from media and VIP members to random fliers from NYC of all ages in a celebration and publicity stunt for the unveiling of the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 phone in collaboration with T-Mobile USA and Sparks Marketing. The event was a tremendous success.

“Our team is ready to spring to action with our portable technology, we can ship globally and perform anywhere with limited notice as the machine and compound can be setup in mere hours,” states CEO, Peter Zaoralek. “Team Bodyflight is ready to put gravity on hold for select clients anywhere globally and can fly participants aged 5 to 95. We are the smile factory!”

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