The World's Most AdvancedMobile Skydiving Simulators

Bodyflight Mobile Systems are the most powerful, turnkey portable skydiving simulators in the world. After years of designing and testing, we are proud to bring the magic of human flight to the masses with proprietary, state-of-the-art mobile vertical wind tunnels ("MVWT") that are easy to operate, cost effective and reliable.

The experience of body flying is truly incredible - and with Bodyflight Mobile Systems, people young and old can enjoy what it feels like to body fly in a safe way. It is a pure air, pure thrill, pure fun adventure that will be recounted by "bodyflyers" for years to come. It is also very exciting for spectators to watch!

Get Your Own Bodyflight Mobile System

Our mobile skydiving simulators can serve as a major attraction at amusement parks and events, a unique advertising platform to build your corporate brand and associate it with the adrenaline-filled sport of skydiving, or as unique core team building tool for corporate group functions. They are also a superb training device for both civilian and military skydiving applications.

Bodyflight Mobile Systems are also highly customizable.. Entire systems can be painted and branded to your exact specification, right down to the flight suits and helmets.

Pre-Owned System Available: BMS currently has a lease return, 10' portable vertical wind tunnel system available for rental or purchase. Click here for details.

To learn more, we invite you to view our videos, specifications and related information regarding ownership and operation. Then contact us today for details on how to purchase Bodyflight Mobile Systems. Welcome to Bodyflight!