Welcome to Bodyflight Mobile Systems Inc. (BMS) home of the most powerful portable skydiving simulator. After years of designing and testing, we are proud to offer our mobile vertical wind tunnel (MVWT), to the world. Please take a moment to view our videos, specifications and related information.

We offer a complete turn-key high quality system. This includes picking your own equipment colors, flight suits and helmets. With our product we offer people young and old to experience what it feels like to body fly. Our simulator is also a great skydive training device. The pure air, pure fun concept is a thrill to experience as well as exciting to watch. Our system puts gravity on hold while providing you the mobility and opportunity to help others experience human flight anywhere, anytime, efficiently and effectively.

Get Your Very Own MOBILE Vertical Wind Tunnel

Vertical Wind Tunnels provide hours of simulated skydiving fun. Whether you are looking for a new adventure for guests, want to provide your adrenaline-hooked members with a new core building experience, or have skydivers looking for an easy-access, low-cost training option, our tunnel system could be just what you need – all in a state-of-the-art mobile format.

Flyzone in New York!